How to Make Yeast at Home ⋆ My German Recipes

As I was searching youtube for a DIY vanilla sugar recipe, I stumbled across this youtube channel MY GERMAN RECIPES. I have German ancestry and grew up eating German food, so I was curious about her recipes. On the channel, I saw this video on making your own yeast (NOT SOURDOUGH). I knew I HAD to share it. This is a recipe for making a “yeast water”. She indicates to use 1/2 cup (100 ml) per 500 grams of flour. This should be equivalent to 1 packet of commercial yeast. This 1/2 cup of yeast water will replace a 1/2 cup of the liquid in the recipe

If you’ve tried to find yeast at the store, you may have been greeted with empty shelves. I know flour and yeast are often out of stock at my store.


  • 500 ml of filtered water
  • 1 – 2 Dates without sulfur or instead some raisins, fresh apple pieces, or other pieces of fresh fruits or veggies (not banana though!) that are organic and unwashed
  • 1 Tsp. Sugar or Honey
  • Clean glass
The yeast water when it’s ready to use.

Here’s a video. For the link to her blog post and much more information than is in the video, follow THIS LINK.

Closing thoughts

I’m so excited about this! I guess I knew it was possible, but never knew how to do it. I’ll be giving this a try over the next 2 weeks. I’ll give you an update!