11 Ideas for Build-Your-Own Dinner Nights

This week at Purple Almond Wellness, we are talking about social wellness. Nothing brings people together better than food! I found an article on bonbonbreak.com, which lists 11 “build-you-own” ideas. What fun for people to come together, for some conversation, fun and make a meal for themselves, to their own tastes. The ideas include: Rice… Read More

Blackberry Quinoa Energy Bars

This recipe looks really good! The ingredients call for syrup, and recommends Walden’s fat/sugar free syrup, which is certainly an option. To keep it whole foods, I recommend real maple syrup, which isn’t sugar free, but is less processed than the sugar free version. Servings: 9 Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups Quick Oats1 1/2 cups Quinoa… Read More

I tried it: Keto Vanilla Pound Cake by Hey Keto Mama

Baking has long been a love of mine. I remember as a teenager, baking cookies, which is when my love affair with food began. I didn’t want my continuous efforts to lose weight inhibit my love of baking. So I’m always on the look out for good recipes to use, while I try to lose… Read More

25 Old-Fashioned Recipes Your Grandma Knew By Heart – Graceful Little Honey Bee

From bread and biscuits, to soup and pie, this list covers a wide range of recipes you can make from scratch. I’ll try to tackle each of these over the next year. Stay tuned! For the full  list, follow this link: 25 Old-Fashioned Recipes Your Grandma Knew By Heart – Graceful Little Honey Bee FEATURED… Read More

Healthy Fudge: A Childhood Recipe, Revamped – Life of Kim

Who doesn’t like fudge? This version is healthy and super easy! Thanks to Life of Kim for the post! (Featured image source) Today I’ll be sharing a recipe from my early childhood. When I was small, my mom kept us well with home-cooked meals that included plenty of unprocessed, whole foods, and very little sugar.… Read More