10 ‘Depression Era’ Recipes to Make if your Pantry is Bare

One of my favorite things to do is look for vintage and old timey recipes. I decided to scour the internet for depression era recipes for today’s article. I thought it fitting since many items are scarce in grocery stores today. My grocery store is almost always out of flour. Eggs are a hit and miss. Sometimes they have a ton, sometimes none at all.

I always admired people who lived during the great depression. We can, by no means, compare ourselves to what they went through. With shanty towns, food lines and the dust bowl, things were much worse back then. We live in luxury by comparison. With that said, there are certain things that may be hard to get and we can learn a lot from their strength and creativity.

I tried to find recipes that had basic ingredients. Because they were cheaper, hot dogs were often used as the protein. I have included 2 such recipes here. Under normal circumstances, hot dogs wouldn’t be included as an ingredient on this site, but I wanted to include it for authenticity. Feel free to swap out the hot dogs in favor of a healthier meat or sausage. The main point is use what you’ve got on hand and get creative, as they did.

Grandma Pruit’s Vinegar Pie

Taste of Home

This one looks rather interesting. But, is a perfect fit for our theme today. If you have limited resources, this is a great recipe. The author of the recipe says: “This historic pie has been in our family for many generations and is always at all of the family get-togethers.

Old Timey Country Potato Soup

Recipe Lion

This recipe is a wonderful way to fill some bellies and stretch just a few ingredients a long way. As the recipe author says: “Indulge in the comforts of old-fashioned cooking with this classic recipe for Old Timey Country Potato Soup. This easy potato soup recipe will give you something delicious and hearty to serve anytime you’re debating over what to put on the dinner table.”

Poor Man’s Cookies

Taste of Home

These are very interesting and remind me of a similar cake recipe: water cake.
From the author of the recipe: “In the 1930s, producers of a popular radio program called Jake and Lena invited listeners to write in for this recipe. My mother changed the name from Jake and Lena Cookies to Poor Man’s Cookies because they contained no eggs, milk or nuts. Despite the name, the cookies are rich in taste!

Old-Fashioned Hot-Water Cornbread

The Spruce Eats

If your grocery store is anything like mine, regular flour is a scarcity. If this is the case, and you have corn meal in your pantry, give this recipe a try. With only four ingredients, it couldn’t be easier!

Granny’s Cocoa Cream Pie

Forgotten Way Farms

This recipe looks soooo good, and soooo easy! The recipe comes from the author’s own grandmother! I would venture to guess that most pantries will have the ingredients.

Shoo Fly Pie

Grandma’s Vintage Recipes

According to Wikipedia: Shoo Fly Pie is is a molasses pie or cake that developed its traditional form among the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1880s, who ate it with strong black coffee for breakfast.

War Cake

First We Feast

This recipe goes back to rationing during World War II. While technically not “depression era”, it does fit in with the “limited pantry” theme as well as the “no flour” thing! WHY? It has no flour!

Vintage Brown Buttered

Homemade Noodles Recipe

Happy Money Saver

If With only 4 ingredients, this recipe is awesome. That said, it has 2 of the scarcest ingredients at the moment: eggs and flour.
This homemade noodles recipe comes from a 1900's recipe box. If you want to make noodles from scratch, the old fashioned way, this is a great recipe to try.
This homemade noodles recipe comes from a 1900's recipe box. If you want to make noodles from scratch, the old fashioned way, this is a great recipe to try.

Poor Man’s Meal

Clara’s Kitchen

At the time this lovely video was made, in 2009, Clara was 91 years old. In this video below, she shares a staple of life in the depression: poor man’s meal. I highly recommend watching the video. Clara shares some of her history as she makes the meal.

Hoover Stew

Just a Pinch

According to Mental Floss, this recipe is a generic name for recipes made from soup kitchens soups or thin broth. One recipe calls for spaghetti and hotdogs, such as the one shared by Just a Pinch.
This Recipe And Picture Is By A Woman Named Mrs. Dunn And I Found It On The Web Site-depression Era Recipes.

Until next time, namaste my friends

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I had planned on an article about insomnia teas and drinks today. However, when I checked my WordPress account this morning, I was delighted to find I had been nominated by Jyotsna at Artpsycho, for an awesome blogger award! YEAH!! So, I decided to do the award article right away, instead of delaying things as I usually do! 🤪

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THANK YOU SO MUCH JYOTSNA! I am honored you thought of me for this wonderful award. I love doing these awards. They’re so much fun. 😊

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  1. When and why did you start your blog and what keeps you going since it’s inception?, and what are the top topic(s) that make your blog? I have 2 active blogs. This little blog started June 12, 2019. My main blog, Purple Almond Wellness, began in July, 2015 However, out of fear, I did nothing with the blog until 1 1/2 years later, in December, 2016. The current topic for this blog are cooking tips and recipes for brain health, insomnia and whole body wellness. This site supports and provides food/recipes for those same topics at Purple Almond Wellness.
  2. What is your profession, what do you do for a living? I am a nutrition consultant and wellness educator
  3. What keeps you busy in this current situation and what are the habits of now that you want to take with you when you are back to your usual way of living? I recently graduated from graduate school, and hope to make blogging my main profession and source of education. Since I work from home, my situation hasn’t changed that much. The main difference is that my husband and college age son are both home with me everyday. That took some getting used to. My husband and I are implementing some new healthier lifestyle changes, since we have more time together. I hope to take these changes with me when things “get back to normal”.
  4. What are the positive and negative effects that you have faced in this current situation? The negative side would be being isolated from other family. My mom was sick a couple of weeks ago, and I was unable to go and see her. Also, my family loves to travel, hike, go on picnics, go out to eat, etc. We are pretty active people. Being told to stay home is quite difficult. The positive side is absolutely spending more time with my husband and son. I didn’t realize how little time we spent together until this situation cropped up.
  5. What is/are the first thing(s) that you would like to do when you step out of this ‘new normal’? I’d love to go camping in the mountains. Getting out in nature and experience the fresh air and forest would be awesome. That sounds pretty good to me right now.
  6. Where would you like to travel in this season if you were allowed to step out? (I would love take a bunch of recommendations in form of a list, thank you!) My bucket list includes visiting all 7 continents…yes including Antarctica. I don’t foresee this ever happening. I’ve looked into cruises out of Chile down to Antarctica and they are rather pricey. With that said, for this season, I’d love to go to Egypt, visit the Greek Isles, or take a cruise to either South America or Alaska.
  7. Are you an introvert/extrovert or do you belong to any other category? And what are the perks of where you stand? I’m definitely an introvert. I don’t do well in crowds at all. I never know what to say and I’m horrible at small talk. I’m usually the one at the party standing awkwardly in the corner of the room. I’ve always been better at writing that speaking. It’s odd though, teaching people does come naturally to me. Social situations are a completely different story. Perks …. of being an introvert? That’s a tough question. I don’t make friends easily, but the friends I do make are quality friends. I’m also quite observant. That happens when you’re standing in the corner of the room..awkwardly. 🤣

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I’ve been nominated for an Awesome Blogger Award! Here is the main article from my nominator!


First up, I would like to take the opportunity to admit that I haven’t written much in the past 3/4 months. A little encouragement goes a long way in getting inspiration to get started and fired up again. I ought to write more frequently, but I always like delivering my quality best instead of going by the number! I will be posting more frequently now and this habit has made me more happier each day I log in and read through my feed while jotting down my likes! With this I would like to thank you Geofrey Ogire for nominating me for Awesome Blogger Award! Check out his full blog here: Jeoblog

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How to Ferment Vegetables

Yesterday I posted some fermented food recipes. Here’s an article from Cultures for Health highlighting everything you need to know about fermenting veggies!

Fermented vegetables begin with lacto-fermentation, a method of food preservation that also enhances the nutrient content of the food. The action of the bacteria makes the minerals in cultured foods more readily available to the body. The bacteria also produce vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial for digestion.


5 Fermented Food Recipes to Improve Gut (& brain) Health

Did you know that a 80% of the immune system is in the gut? Did you also know that most neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and melatonin largely made in the gut? Scientific research now proves a direct link between gut health and brain health. When the gut is healthy, the brain is healthy…and vice versa! We now know that the key to a healthy gut is a healthy microbiome. How do we get a healthy microbiome? It really is quite simple, and delicious. Eliminate sugar and processed foods. Then eat a plant-based whole food diet which includes homemade fermented foods, that are teaming with healthy probiotic bacteria.

Below, I’ve listed links to 5 simple fermented food recipes. You may need to get culture starter. Here are some sources:

The Importance of Probiotic Foods & The Top 10 to Choose ...

Ginger Orange Fermented Beets

From: Body Ecology

Fermented Vegetables

From: DIY Natural

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

From: Fermentation Recipes

Coconut Water Kefir

From: Real Life of Pie

FULL RES KEFIR WATER-Photographer Jordan Pie-3 (1).jpg

Fermented Berries

From: Oh Lardy

Lacto-fermenting fruit - Oh Lardy

Until next time, Namaste my friends.


Middle-Age Memoirs: How to make a face mask in 30 seconds or less (with a filter)

In place of a recipe post, I am posting this article about face masks, from my main blog, Purple Almond Wellness, an important topic during this critical time.

Purple Almond Wellness

Well what a month it’s been! Spending unending time with my better half and youngest son over the past couple of weeks has been fun. However, I think the phrase “be careful what you wish for” may be applicable here.

I’m the type of person who loves alone time. Normally, I’m alone all day (except for my dog Max of course). I write my blog alone….I do housework alone….I cook alone. I really enjoy being alone. I find it peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my sons like crazy, now that they are out of the house. I absolutely love spending time with my better half. Since the pandemic began, however, they are rarely out of sight or earshot. I find my precious alone time has completely disappeared and, quite frankly, I miss it. I’m sure most of you can relate. I find myself digging into my old habit…

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